Rebecca Hensiek Photography


Why Rebecca Hensiek Photography?

Why should you choose Rebecca Hensiek Photography?
Here are the top 5 things to look for in a photographer:
1. Customer satisfaction/service - Customer is always right
2. Flexibility - I will work with your schedule to make you an appointment
3.Customer referrals - Ask around about other clients’ experiences with me.
4. Patience - I discovered a trait I thought I didn’t have, I have little patience when it comes to my personal life, but when I pick up my camera, I have all the patience in the world! Seriously, I know that it takes time for kids to warm up to being in these photo shoots.
5. Experience - How long has the photographer been in business? I have been in business for 3 years now. Also is the photographer educated in photography? I just graduated, this past summer, with my Associates and am currently seeking my Bachelors in Photography.

Top 5 things to look for in photographs:
1. Proper lighting - No shadows, not too bright, or too dark.
2. Editing - Too much editing can’t be fixed, and too little can be discouraging.
3. Quality - Is the photo perfect, priceless?
4. Poses - I try my best to never pose a family, couple, etc. the same way in every photo shoot unless it is requested by the client.
5. Creativity - The ideas I have come from my head, my heart, and sometimes from poses I see from other talented photographers, but I never copy a pose. I make sure to throw in my own originality.

Make sure that you research and look through sample photos before making your decision. Lately I have discovered that some photographers will only take a week and a half to edit wedding photos, that is because they have an automatic editing software; push a button and it’s done. I may take a little longer to edit my photos but that is because I go through every photo carefully, pick the ones that express the personalities the best, and edit them myself. Also, be weary of those photographers who make a lot of their photos black and white, chances are they chose to make the photo black and white because, with just a click of a button, it’s done. They didn’t feel like color enhancing or fixing the lighting. Black and white hides fuzziness, shadows, bad lighting, and yellowness of indoor lighting. So remember these tips when choosing a photographer. We all see photographs differently but your satisfaction is key.